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Amazon is always launching new features to help sellers grow their brand and sales. If you’ve ever shopped in a department store, you’re probably familiar with what I like to call “store inception,” “concession stores” or simply put: stores-within-a-store. Now on Amazon, you can tell your brand story by creating an exceptional shopping experience that helps shoppers discover the full range of your products with Amazon Stores - Amazon Brand Stores.

How To Use Amazon Brand Stores

Pairing Amazon Stores and Headline Search Ads can be a highly targeted strategy for your brand and an opportunity to build a loyal audience that grows with your business over time. You can use your Amazon Store as the landing page for your Headline Search Ads. With the unique Amazon URL generated, you can use it when promoting your brand through social media, external ads, and other channels.

If you’ve been reading and implementing our content, you probably already guessed that pairing Amazon Stores with Amazon Enhanced Brand Content can be a powerful combination towards showing your customers the seriousness of your brand.

Understanding Amazon Stores

Amazon Stores are designed for desktop, tablet, and mobile with high potentials to boost organic ranking and sales. Here’s an example of what the AmazonBasics store looks like:

How To Set Up an Amazon Brand Store

To set up an Amazon brand store you will need to complete six steps:

Amazon Stores are composed of one or more pages. Each page is consisted of a header and footer surrounding a number of content tiles. When setting up Amazon Stores, brands are able to choose from prefix or custom templates to showcase their products to existing customers & educate shoppers. Below are the content tiles available on Amazon Stores:

You can download the creative requirements HERE to gain a better understanding of the image and text requirements.

 Once you have finished building your Amazon Store and submitted it for moderation, it usually takes up to 72 hours for Amazon to review and approve or provide feedback for improvements.

Pro Tip: Check out big brands or your competitors’ Amazon storefront for ideas when creating your own. Top brands spend thousands of dollars on creative designs so why not leverage on that? You can also check out the ‘Featured Stores’ on Amazon for ideas.

Introducing Amazon Store Insights

Using Amazon Store Insights, brands are able to discover daily and aggregate views of their store tracking its creative performance. Store Insights analytics will show you the performance of the campaign looking only at customers who reached your store. Below is a screenshot of the Store Insights overview:

Metrics tracked by Amazon Store Insights are:

  1. Daily Visitors – Total unique users/devices that viewed your store in a single day.
  2. Page Views – Number of page views during the selected time period including repeat views.
  3. Page Views Per Visitor – Number of unique pages viewed by a user/device in a single day.
  4. Sales – Estimated total sales generated.
  5. Units Sold – Estimated total units purchased.

According to Amazon, Store Insights data is refreshed daily and is available the following day for views and daily visits, and after 2 days for attributed units and sales. You can run Amazon Headline Search ads to generate more store page views and sales.

There are 4 traffic sources that Amazon measures including:

  1. Amazon Headline Search Ads – Traffic from Headline Search ads.
  2. Amazon Organic Traffic – Traffic from within Amazon through customer search results or brand detail page links.
  3. Tagged Sources – A source tag helps you track the performance of specific traffic sources (i.e. Facebook and Instagram ads). More on source tags can be found HERE.
  4. Other Sources – All other traffic sources not categorized.
Pro Tip: Keep in mind that when running an Amazon Headline Search ad, a shopper can click on a product image and go to its product listing, or click on your brand logo and go to your store.

How Can I Benefit From Amazon Stores and Store Insights?

There are quite a few benefits to create your Amazon Store and use the Insights tracked to grow your business. You can showcase new products and get valuable information from customers’ feedback about your new offering. Depending on how you set up your Amazon Store tiles, you can also get insights on what customers want to see in a category that you are selling in.

Another great benefit is the ability to find out which products can be bundled based on what products customers would buy alongside other items in your store. Last but not least, using Store Insights, you can learn how to improve and grow your brand, products offered, and customer service satisfaction.

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