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Have you wondered how to find the right marketplace for your super-niche private label product idea? Maybe you are wondering how to target local market keywords for your Listing Optimization? Or you want to stay on top of new reviews, alerts, and everything in between for your new marketplace?

There is finally a solution that fits these needs. ZonGuru is now the first-ever toolset completely integrated with Amazon North America, Europe, and Australia! The biggest and fastest-growing e-commerce markets right now!

With this addition, you now have access to millions of new customers and thousands more massively profitable Super Niches (keep reading to find out more on that). 

Again, this is a world-first. No other FBA toolset provides this amount of complete coverage, and we’re beyond excited to see what opportunities you find with it! There’s a lot of potential million-dollar products out there just waiting to be snatched up by savvy sellers like yourself.

As the USA marketplace has grown, it’s become more competitive, demands more capital, and requires finding deep niche product opportunities. Yes, there’s a lot of money to be made in the USA, and we have the data to help you find these super niches. 

BUT, You might be asking yourself, what if you have this great product idea, but maybe the USA is too expensive and too competitive to launch? Is it worth checking out the opportunities in some of the new emerging marketplaces? What about France? Italy? Spain? Or maybe Australia?

By adding these rapidly growing, lower-competition marketplaces to our entire library, we just cracked the playing field wide open. Sellers of any size now have the opportunity to make it big in marketplaces that are growing and now matter. 

Precisely what kind of opportunities await for you to have the first-mover advantage? Let’s take a look. 

Why You Should Care About Emerging and Growing Amazon Marketplaces

Our CEO, Jon Tilley, recently presented this very topic going into in-depth detail about why it matters so much.

There’s one slide, in particular, you should pay extra attention to: 

Amazon AU’s rapid expansion.

Between May 2019 and September 2020, visits to Amazon AU have increased by around 25 million. It’s the fastest-growing Amazon marketplace in the world. The AU market’s exploding, and the time to get in is right now. That’s because:

  • Niche opportunities that were available in the USA a few years ago are still open and available right now in the Australian marketplace.
  • Since it’s still a growing marketplace, the competition’s not as fierce. That means it’s a lot easier to make it to page one, and you don’t need a huge upfront investment to make a dent.  
  • Staking your product category claim now will reap enormous revenue growth over the next few years.

Not only that, but Amazon wants Australia to skyrocket. That means more support straight from Amazon and even more growth opportunities on the horizon.

To prove our point about less competition and lower upfront costs, let’s compare two of the same product niches. One in the USA, and one in AU:

A huge seller in the USA market.

Those numbers are huge! But with a $150,000 launch budget to buy three months of stock sell at the velocity of page 1, this niche is probably way too big for newcomers to break in. Even if you did have the money to cover that considerable launch budget, you’d be squaring up against established brands. The risk/reward ratio isn’t worth it. Now, why don’t we take a look at this same niche in the Australian marketplace?

The same niche at a much lower entry.

Yes, its revenue isn’t as high, but look at that launch budget! The risk/reward is much lower. And with the AU marketplace going nowhere but up, this is absolutely a product niche with million-dollar potential. And, once you’ve established a foothold, you can expand into the USA marketplace! This increased marketplace support gives sellers more opportunities than ever to scale up into a globally recognized brand. 

You might wonder where we get those percentages from. All of our data is accessed through our premier product research tool, Niche Finder

Find & Validate, Super Niche, Million Dollar Products With Niche Finder

With Niche Finder, you can quickly spot Super Niches ready to blow up in these expanding markets. Super Niches are highly-specific product niches that are a delicate balance of these four categories:   

  • Buyer Demand: How searched for/popular the product is.
  • Competition: How competitive the niche is. 
  • Investment: What kind of budget you need to maintain three months’ worth of product.
  • Profit Opportunity: The potential monthly profit you stand to make.

The above categories are combined to provide an overall Niche Rating percentage. Finding a potential winning niche is very easy to spot, just look for a Niche Rating above 60%. Using Niche Finder’s advanced filter settings, I ran a quick search of listings on the Australian marketplace. Take a look at the results.

Super Niche opportunities you can’t find anywhere else.

Within the first five results, I already have a product with a 68% score. And trampoline for kids? Probably a tough niche to crack in the US. But let’s look a little deeper at why this has such a good score. We can do that by clicking on a niche to expand it.  

More detailed niche information.

An initial launch budget of $8,654 and potential monthly revenue of $10,108? All in a marketplace that we know has nowhere to go up? That’s a fantastic opportunity, and it took me about 10 seconds to find! Plus, this is only data from the AU market. Imagine what you can discover looking at the European marketplace! With Niche Finder’s expanded support, you have a ton of viable options to work with. 

And when you combine Niche Finder’s capabilities with the rest of our library, you have everything you need to dominate the page 1 rankings. Here’s a small taste of everything else ZonGuru offers.

Craft Listings Optimized For Specific Markets 

Niche Finder isn’t the only tool to support EU/AU. Keywords on Fire and Listing Optimizer do too! Once you’ve found a Super Niche that fits your business, run a Keywords on Fire session to generate lists of powerful, culturally-relevant keywords that are sure to grab attention in whatever market you’re selling in. All backed by market-specific metrics such as PPC bid, search volume, and more.

Keywords on Fire provides precise data, no matter the market.

Import that keyword list over to Listing Optimizer, and we’ll tell you exactly how much potential revenue/search volume you’ll receive. All you have to do is type in a keyword, and we’ll do the rest. Grab up to eight competing ASINs from the marketplace of your choice and insert them into your session to compare yourself against them! 

Listing Optimizer automatically updates as you enter in keywords.

Combine this with our brand new historical event tracking feature in Product Pulse, automation tools, weekly live training events by our team of six-figure sellers, and a vast library of educational content. It is pretty clear: there has never been a better time to get into the FBA game, and we have everything you need to win it. 

We believe everyone can have financial freedom and that building an online business through Amazon is a great way to achieve that goal. Whether you’re just getting started with your private label product research or an experienced seller, ZonGuru offers you more ways than ever to smash your goals and achieve independent, global success.  Get going with the exposure to all of these emerging marketplaces! Sign up now for a free seven-day trial to see for yourself! 

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