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Are you looking to learn how to make money on Amazon? Looking to learn how to make the most money possible out of your eCommerce Business, but overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information out there? ZonGuru is here to help! In our on-going mission to share our expert Amazon knowledge with you, we produced a 3-day video series detailing exactly how ZonGuru helps you achieve your business goals (and beyond!). This Amazon FBA training series is called Around the Track!

In this Amazon training course, we will break down the entire Amazon sales journey by finding a product worth selling, crafting a compelling brand for it, finding a reliable supplier to produce it, and listing it using powerful keywords and engaging copy! By the end, you’ll have a blueprint for selling a guaranteed money-maker yourself. Find out more by signing up here! Here’s what’s covered in each day’s training.

Amazon Business Training Course Outline

DAY 1: Product Research

The first step in any Amazon Private Label journey is product research. This means finding a product niche and making sure that it’s actually worth investing your time and energy into. Don’t know what a niche is, or what makes one worth investigating? Don’t worry. This series is designed to teach you everything you need to know.

Every decision we make is based on accurate, up-to-date data. How do you find it, though? Our trademarked, field-tested Niche Rater Method finds all the important information so you can stop searching and start selling. 

The Niche Rater Method utilizes a group of ZonGuru tools, including our brand new Niche Finder, to find a product niche and validate it based on these 4 important metrics: Investment Sweetspot, Revenue Potential, Competition Opportunity, and Buyer Demand. The ‘Around the Track’ product research training uses these 4 components as the bedrock for validating niche potential. Jump into the training to learn why they are so important.

Quickly validate a product niche.

There’s a lot of potential products in a niche. Finding the right one for you takes time if you don’t know where to look. We will show you where to go to find inspiration and discuss advanced selling techniques designed to get more eyeballs on your storefront!

The path to your next big-selling product is shorter than you think. Find out why here!

DAY 2: Understanding Your Customer and Sourcing

After validating your perfect niche, it’s time to build and source a product. On day 2 of Around the Track, we demonstrate how to bridge the gap between product research and sourcing!

We develop powerful customer personas to better understand who it is that we want to sell to, and how to use that information to craft the perfect product. 

Painting a clear picture of your customer base requires a deep understanding of their pain points - and how to create a product/service that solves them. On day 2, we demonstrate how to easily identify pain points using a tool called Love-Hate to build a product your customers love as soon as you launch!

Of course, once you’ve designed your perfect product, you need to find a supplier that can help bring it to market.

We all know that finding a partner capable of manufacturing your specific product can be a major challenge in itself. Negotiating the best price, finding a supplier you can trust, and navigating Alibaba.com are the last key focuses of the day 2 training. Our pros also demonstrate how ZonGuru’s new tool EasySource, a world-first collaboration with Alibaba.com, simplifies finding a supplier.

See how easy it is to find a supplier.

We’ve helped thousands of sellers achieve their dreams and want to pass our recipe for success along to you! You in? 

DAY 3: Building the Perfect Listing 

What do you do after you’ve sourced your product? You start selling it, of course! On Day 3 we discuss how to drive relevant traffic to your listing and generate organic sales using our trademarked Halo Effect theory! 

Before discussing where to find the best keywords, it’s worth taking a step back and thinking about how to write compelling copy that connects with potential buyers. Watch us provide tips, tricks, and expert advice designed to examine your customer personas even further and show you how to write perfect copy that speaks to them!

The best copy in the world doesn’t mean anything if no one is there to see it. Learn how you can save a ton of money on advertising while still improving your keyword rank thanks to a powerful concept called the Halo Effect! 

Keywords are your main ticket to grabbing conversions. In order to rank on page 1 and generate more sales, you need to strategically place effective keywords throughout your listing. In the last portion of the series, we’ll demonstrate our quick, easy to follow method to not only find the most powerful keywords but also how to insert them into your Amazon listing so you start making money and improving your rank!

Learn where to find the best keywords, and where to put them.\

This blog is just a small taste of everything Around the Track has to offer.  Sign up now to see how our Product Research Tracking Sheet helps you quickly calculate important product details such as shipping/packaging costs, estimated profit, PPC costs, and more! With this powerful tool in your belt, you’ll be selling like a pro in no time.

This series is your first step towards being your own boss, living life on your terms, and achieving true financial independence. What are you waiting for? Sign up here!

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