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Ever wonder how an item as simple as a bedside table lamp can put up huge numbers? Here’s a hint: it’s not luck. With the right marketing and Amazon listing optimization, any Amazon FBA item has the potential to crush expectations. The real question is pretty simple: what do the pros do turn small items into big sales? 

To answer that, I’d like to introduce you to our ongoing video series, “What’s in the Box?”. In this series, our resident FBA expert and Head of Customer Success, Darren, hunts down successful Amazon listings and uses our data-centric tools and methods to show you why this item sells so well, along with tips on what it can improve on to sell even better! 

In this edition, we’re looking at a bed lamp that pulls in $148,000 a month! Let’s jump in.

Is This Amazon Product Niche Worth Your Time? 

Before looking at the actual listing, it’s a good idea to look at the sales numbers for its niche. With our Chrome Extension, you can quickly analyze any live Amazon listing and grab relevant details such as search volume, monthly revenue, and more.

Chrome Extension: All the data you need, none you don't.

When looking for potential niches, you want to find niches with:

  • A high search volume. This shows that there are a lot of people searching for this item. The more people searching, the more opportunity. 
  • A Low Amount of reviews. It sounds counter-intuitive, but you want a low amount of average reviews. A high amount means that there are a few items within the niche that have large, loyal customer bases that may be hard to grab conversions from.
  • A launch budget between $10,000 - $15,000. Based on our experience we’ve discovered this range is optimal for launching items with low costs and high margins.

If you take a look at the Chrome Extension results above, the “bedside table lamp” niche checks off all of the bullet points except the launch budget number, which falls a little outside of our ideal range. However, the $21,751 monthly revenue makes up for it. So, while this product niche doesn’t fall 100% within our guidelines, it definitely has potential. So, how does Aukey pull in sales? 

What Makes This Amazon FBA Listing Work?

Its listing tells a compelling story. Once you grab a customer’s attention with effective product differentiation (more on that soon!), you want to tell a story that connects with them. This is done through:

  • Well-written copy that tells the user exactly what the product does and how it fits into their life.
  • Professional product photos that show how the product is used so the customer doesn’t have to imagine it for themself.

This particular listing does that perfectly not just with well-written bullet points describing the product’s features, but through smart use of A+ Content (formerly known as EBC). A+ content is a feature available to brand-registered sellers that gives them more listing real estate to insert pictures and copy that drive home the value you’re providing them. Take a look at the A+ content from this listing.

A+ Content gives you more room to tell a story.

With these 2 photos, you get a clear idea of a) how the product fits into your home, and b) the different color options it provides. When you show AND tell how your product is a perfect fit for your customer’s lifestyle, they are not only more likely to buy your product, but they’re also more likely to purchase more products from you in the future!

How Can we Optimize This Amazon FBA Listing?

In Amazon selling, split-second decisions mean the difference between converting or not. That means you need to make a quick first impression. The best way to do that? Product differentiation. Think about it from a customer’s standpoint: if you’re browsing through a giant list of products that all look the same, you’ll probably click on the first one you see.

If you create a listing with product photography that sticks out, you immediately tell the customer “hey, look at me!”. Smart product differentiation reels the customer in and effective copy gets the conversion. Unfortunately, the Aukey listing does not sport the best product differentiation.

This product thumbnail doesn’t tell a story.

This is the main product thumbnail for the lamp. All it does is tell you that its a lamp with multiple colors. It does not show you how it fits into your lifestyle. With some tweaks to its main product photography, this listing could grab even more conversions. 

Supercharge Your Optimization with ZonGuru's New Listing Optimizer

While product differentiation and compelling copy are crucial, what if you could take your Amazon FBA listing optimization to the next level? Enter ZonGuru's new Listing Optimizer, a tool designed to make your optimization process not just effective but also efficient.

Backed by ChatGPT-4, one of the most advanced AI technologies, this tool can auto-generate new product listings or rewrite existing ones using data-driven insights from the best keywords in your category. It even allows you to import keywords directly from our Keywords on Fire tool, enhancing your listing's sales potential. The Listing Optimizer also features an Optimization and Listing Strength scoring system, giving you real-time feedback on how well your listing is optimized.

So, if you're looking to not just catch the customer's eye but also convert that interest into sales, ZonGuru's Listing Optimizer is the tool you've been waiting for.

What Actually is in this Private Label Product’s Box?

One thing a lot of FBA sellers forget to focus on is packaging. Smart, good-looking packaging gives any Amazon FBA item a “premium” feel that creates trust between the customer and your brand and encourages return purchases. So, how does this seller’s packaging fare? 

The first thing worth noticing is how they market themselves as a “green” product by using a cardboard box and writing a statement about their pledge to “go green” on the side of the box.

Marketing yourself as green can gain customers you didn’t think of.

The main issue here? They don’t say how they’re green. When you’re marketing to an eco-conscious customer-base, you need to be specific. They will want to know what steps you take to ensure that your product is in fact green. So, while this product claims to be green, they may run into customers dissatisfied because there is no information provided as to why it is.

One very smart thing this seller does is write their return policy on a sticker. This is a unique way of ensuring your customers don’t lose your policy. It’s also a generously written, white-hat (i.e., non-exploitative) return policy.

A clever way of displaying your return policy.

Last, but not certainly not least is: how well sturdily is the product itself packaged? When selling electronics, they need to be tightly packed so they don’t break. Otherwise, you’re just wasting money on unnecessary returns.

Top-notch packaging saves you money on returns.

Aukey nails it in this department by tightly packing the lamp within the box using styrofoam and wrapping it all within a recyclable covering to protect it from dings and scratches. So, overall, how does Aukey do with the packaging? Pretty good! They give you everything you need in a green (although they could explain the ‘green’ part better) package that’s sturdy enough to survive being shipped. 

There are many more reasons as to why this product does well, and things it can improve on. Check out the full video to see how Darren uses our Keywords on Fire tool to find long-tail Amazon keywords the competition doesn’t know about to improve its listing optimization, how our Love/Hate tool helps you quickly find out what customers think about your product, and more!

Tailor your listing to what your customers love.

Once you’re done, why not check out the amazing product research checklist Josh, our Head of Product Research, put together? In it, you’ll find a step-by-step guide of clear, actionable steps you can take to successfully launch any FBA product! 

Or maybe you’re ready to give ZonGuru a spin. Try the ZonGuru tools for FREE.

Take Control w/ AI Prompting

Can AI Write a Better Listing Than You?

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