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ZonGuru is proud to announce the release of EasySource, a world-first collaboration with Alibaba. Designed for e-commerce Private Label product sellers, EasySource combines ZonGuru’s powerful suite of product research tools with Alibaba.com’s unmatched reputation and unparalleled supplier data. This allows us to give Amazon sellers a more streamlined way to find and create amazing products to sell online by connecting them with trusted, verified product suppliers matched to their business needs.

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Find The Perfect Alibaba.com Product Supplier

When it’s time to find a supplier for a new Amazon product idea, many Private Label sellers find that there’s simply too much data and too many varying suppliers out there. Do they specialize in arbitrage or private label sales? Are they familiar with the intricacies of e-commerce? Finding the right supplier for your specific needs can take a bunch of time. Until now.

EasySource, crafted by ZonGuru’s team of expert sellers and software gurus, leverages Alibaba.com’s considerable resources and large supplier network to instantly provide Amazon sellers with a curated list of the best Alibaba.com suppliers in the business, along with the most relevant data points to validate their Private Label suitability. This data includes price ranges, country/region, verified production size, and capacity, whether the supplier is a manufacturer or sourcing agent, and so much more. All instantaneously within ZonGuru’s elegant and intuitive UI.

Streamline Your Private Label Selling

ZonGuru’s industry-leading seller software tools allows Amazon sellers to customize their settings and get instant, matching suppliers perfect for their business needs. With EasySource, Private Label sellers now have a powerful tool to connect them with the perfect supplier partner to help them scale their business to the next level.

EasySource. A world-first for Private Label Product Sellers. Crafted by ZonGuru. Powered by Alibaba.com.

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