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Are you looking to level up your FBA game with actionable data and unique business insight? You’ve come to the right place! ZonGuru’s massive tool suite has everything you need to find, validate, source, and list FBA products that sell. We provide so much info that it’s easy to miss some features you absolutely should know about. Want to know what they are? 

You’re in luck then, because our CEO, Jon Tilley, is here to show you 8 secret ZonGuru data points available to you. Read on to learn how these advanced ZonGuru features give you the winning edge!

#1: Is Your Product Research Hitting A Snag? Generate Winning FBA Product Ideas With 1 Click

Whether you’re a seasoned 7-figure seller or just starting out on your FBA journey, you’re going to hit some roadblocks. Maybe you want to find a new product niche, but have no idea where to look. If that’s the case, then it’s time to click that “I’m Feeling Lucky” button in Niche Finder.

Niche Finder’s “I’m Feeling Lucky” button generates profitable product niches

This feature generates a list of product niches worth taking a look at. Every result is backed by all the relevant data you need (average number of reviews, search volume, average PPC bid, and more) to make a smart decision. If you’re hitting a snag, give it a shot! 

#2: Amazon Page 1 Sellers - Who’s Getting the Most Clicks? 

When validating a product niche, it’s worth taking a look at what the big names are up to. What images are they using? What price point are they using to bring in the sales? These are all pieces of info you need to know when searching for a niche. Thankfully, Chrome Extension easily helps you find out.

Chrome Extension shows you who the top 3 sellers are

See the yellow 1, 2,  and 3 in the above screenshot? Those are the top 3 sellers in this specific product niche. Check out their listing to see what they’re doing right, and get an idea of what you’re going up against! 

Want to give it a shot for yourself? Try ZonGuru now for FREE.

#3: Wondering What Secret Keywords Competitors Have in Their Listing? 

Did you know that there are keywords that Amazon indexes that you won’t actually see in a listing? They’re called “backend keywords,” and they’re more valuable than you think. Think of keywords with misspellings in them, like “yoga matt” instead of “yoga mat.”

Keywords Spotlight finds any ASIN’s backend keywords

Keywords Spotlight takes an ASIN and returns a list of the backend keywords it uses to bring in traffic. Using this in conjunction with Chrome Extension is a powerful combination: find the top 3 sellers in a product niche and scope out their backend keywords! 

#4: Want to Find Keywords Your Competitors Don’t Rank For? 

To move up the sales ranks, you need to work smarter, not harder. If you’re going up against listings with bigger ad budgets, you need to find long-tail keywords that are easy to own and have high conversion rates. Keywords on Fire gives you a ton of data to work with, including average PPC bid, search volume, and more. One thing most people miss out on, though, is this:

Keywords on Fire’s Competitor’s Position View

Keywords on Fire’s 15 customization options allow you to look at the data in unique ways. This option is called “Competitor’s Position.” It shows you exactly where each listing ranks for each keyword. See those empty spots? That means that listing isn’t ranked for that keyword. Swoop in and rank up with it!

#5: So Many Data Points - Learn to Trust This Number!

There’s a lot of factors that go into whether or not you should invest in a keyword. Keywords on Fire saves you a ton of time by crunching all the numbers for you (PPC bid, search volume, etc). Take a look:\

ZG Score represents the overall viability of the keyword

See that column titled “ZG Score?” It takes all of the data and spits out a number between 0-100. The higher the number, the more valuable the keyword is. Grab the top 20 highest ZG scores and give them a shot! 

Keywords on Fire is by far the most powerful keyword research tool on the market. Not convinced? Try it for FREE.

#6: Get Alerts Whenever Competitors Make a Change to Price, Stock, Copy, and more!

Want to keep an eagle eye on your fiercest competitors? You should. The FBA marketplace is constantly fluctuating. If you want to put up a fight, you need to know what the big sellers are up to so can make adjustments.

Product Pulse alerts you whenever a change is made

Product Pulse sends you an email alert whenever one of 15 changes are made to an ASIN. Keep an eye on your listing for any unexpected changes, or pop in a competitor’s ASIN to see if they make changes you might want to apply to your listing. 

#7 Grant Your Assistants Specific Tool Access

Do you need some help to manage your growing business? If you’ve come to this point in your FBA journey, then congratulations! That’s a big step. There’s probably some aspects of your business you don’t want to give someone total access to, though. With our Virtual Assistant feature, you can easily do this.

Grant assistants access to specific parts of your ZonGuru account

With Virtual Assistant, all you need is an email. Those checkboxes give you total control over what sections of your FBA business an assistant has access to. Just check off which portions of your ZonGuru account you want your assistant to access, and send them an invite. Peace of mind is yours. 

#8: Customize Your Subscription Price to Match Your Business Needs With “Add-Ons”

Every private label FBA business has unique needs. Some might still be in the product research phase. Others may be making a big push to move up the sales rankings and need more keyword/listing optimization options. We offer add-on options to help customize the level of service you get.

Easily customize your level of service

Every ZonGuru account, regardless of level (Starter, Business, Plus), has the ability to add more tool sessions to their subscription. Need to keep your customers happy and engaged? Buy more emails to send in Email Automator. As your business scales and grows, our add-on options scale and grow right alongside your business.

Find Even More Tips

These 8 secret data points are only a fraction of what the entire ZonGuru tool suite offers. As professional sellers ourselves, we have a lot of educational content crafted to ensure your FBA business’ success. That’s why we put together a 3-day long training series hosted by our resident FBA experts Darren and Josh called Around the Track!

In this series, Darren and Josh go over the entire FBA process. They’ll show you how our tools help you find, validate, source, and list Amazon products that get results. Want to know more? Sign up here!

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