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Why should you choose ZonGuru over a competing service? It’s a fair question; there’s a lot of Amazon selling tools out there. That’s why Jon Tilley, ZonGuru CEO and expert Amazon seller, sat down with a group of eCommerce pros for a frank discussion about how our tools stack up with those of one of our biggest competitors: Helium 10. 

Joining Jon are Augustas Kligys and Lisette Lee of Orange Klik along with independent 7-figure eCommerce seller Chris Im. Orange Klik specializes in helping FBA businesses maximize their sales, and Chris Im is an eCommerce thought-leader currently working on building 2 brands outside of FBA. Between them, they share decades of eCommerce selling experience!

Before we begin, it should be said: Helium 10’s a great service. Every FBA business has specific needs that certain services fulfill better than others. This is not a conversation about how you should absolutely, 100% choose ZonGuru over anyone else; it’s a discussion about what makes us unique from the competition. Here are some highlights!

Niche Finder vs Helium 10 Black Box: Which Provides The Best Data?

Amazon selling is boiled down to one thing: find what people are looking for, and sell it. That means data. In Chris’ professional opinion, the most important data points are:

  • Search Volume. This tells you how in-demand the product is. The more people that are searching for a product, the more potential customers you have.
  • Average Number of Reviews. Review averages give you an idea of how competitive a product niche may be. If one listing has a ton of reviews, you may be going up against a competitor with a loyal fanbase.

Take a look at what he has to say about Helium 10’s main product research tool, Black Box:

So, Black Box lets you filter results based on average reviews and search volume. It also has numerous other filters, letting you refine your results. 

However, as Chris points out, a lot of the data listed with each result is not relevant information you can use to make a strong decision. When shopping for a tool, you want something that provides a crystal clear picture. The more relevant, accurate data you have, the better.

Now, let’s see how Niche Finder compares:

According to Chris, the big difference between Niche Finder and Black Box product research tools is that Niche Finder gives you more data. For example, Niche Finder displays all the page one results for each keyword phrase along with relevant pieces of information such as average PPC bid price and initial launch budget.

It also displays a metric you won’t see anywhere else: the Niche Rating. This piece of data is made up of 4 different ZonGuru-exclusive metrics: Buyer Demand, Competition, Investment Sweet Spot, and Revenue Potential. 

Are you having trouble getting started with your product search? Check out our Finding the Perfect Product Niche eBook to see 60 breakdowns of best-selling Amazon products to help you find a great, money-making product for your FBA business! 

Now, what do the pros think about each company’s listing optimization tools? Let’s see.

Keywords on Fire vs Helium 10 Magnet: Which one Digs up Amazon Keyword Gold?

When conducting keyword research you want relevant, long-tail keywords. While they may not put up the same search volume numbers as broader keywords, they generate sales thanks to the Halo Effect. Here’s what Chris has to say about Helium 10’s Magnet tool:

As he browses the list, Chris points out that a lot of the keywords are broad, with terms such as “home decor” and “home cleaner.” While these phrases may get a lot of traffic, they won’t bring people to your listing (and you’ll likely find a disappointing conversion rate). You want keywords that result in high conversions, as this results in your listing appearing in other relevant search results. Otherwise, you’re just wasting listing space and PPC money.

Another thing to note in Magnet is the CPR score, which is the number of unit giveaways it takes to get to the number 1 spot over the course of 8 days. This next video explains its importance and how ZonGuru differs:

Chris is impressed with the number of relevant long-tail Keywords on Fire displays, along with our ZG Launch Number. This number is comparable to the CPR score except for a key difference: it’s the number of unit giveaways per day over 14 day days to get to page 1

The CPR score, on the other hand, overestimates how many units you need because of its insistence on being in the number 1 spot rather than just on the 1st page. 

On top of this, Keywords on Fire has more data, such as the Competitors View. After this analysis, Chris comes to the conclusion that Keywords on Fire provides data you can turn into conversions.

These highlights are just the tip of the iceberg. Their in-depth, unbiased discussion is over an hour long and includes other topics such as our Chrome Extension tool vs Helium 10’s, our EasySource tool, and what makes it unique, and more! 

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