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Before we get started, we’d like to say that all three research tools used in this example are excellent and used by hundreds of thousands of Amazon sellers. This is an unbiased comparison between three research tools built for beginner and advanced Amazon sellers.

The right Amazon research tools are essential to build and grow a successful Amazon business. You are probably curious as to which research tool is the best. Let’s do a detailed comparison.

Product Similarities

All three research tools have numerous similarities, as detailed below:

  1. Cloud-based SaaS solutions for new and existing Amazon sellers.
  2. Require Google Chrome to be used.
  3. Data obtained from Amazon’s API.
  4. Registered and approved for use by Amazon.
  5. Backed by a highly experienced team of developers and staff.

Product Differences

While the tools have some things in common, there’s still numerous differences worth taking note of. Here are some key factors you need to look for when deciding on the right tools for your business.

1. Data Accuracy

Obviously, all three research tools claim that they have the most accurate and up-to-date data. It is hard to justify which is more accurate than the other. All three tools leverage Amazon’s API. Although they should be on par with data from Amazon, they are bound to have differences. One notable difference is that ZonGuru continues to receive a direct data feed from Amazon that the other tools simply don’t have. At the start of the year, Amazon pulled the plug on certain APIs that caused data blackouts for all tools – however ZonGuru found a workaround that the other tools weren’t able to discover. The result is an important one! ZonGuru’s data is still coming from Amazon, and not from internal algorithms leveraging old data.

It is worth noting that all three tools regularly update their data to keep up with the changes in the marketplace, and none of them are perfect. This is mainly due to the complexity of Amazon’s A9 algorithm.

2. Pricing

Let’s compare prices. ZonGuru and Jungle Scout both offer three pricing plans, while Helium 10 offers four. All three tools offer a monthly recurring payment option, or a discounted option if you pay for the entire year upfront.

ZonGuru’s Business plan costs $99/month to access all features and has the most bang for your buck for entry-level sellers.

Jungle Scout costs $69/month to access all features. However, they have fewer features compared to ZonGuru and Helium 10.

Helium 10’s entry-level pricing plan costs $97/month. The Elite Plan costs $397/month, which is the most expensive plan when compared to ZonGuru and Jungle Scout. They also offer a free plan that is actually quite robust for sellers interested in ONLY in product research.

3. Customer and Marketplace Support

One important aspect of building a successful business is providing excellent support to your customers. Although all three research tools support sellers through providing training videos, blog posts, newsletters, there are still differences in the value provided by each company. We won’t speak to the support teams of the other tools because we are sure they are quality, but the KPIs for ZonGuru are world-class. To learn more just reach out to support@zonguru.com and ask.

In regards to marketplace support: all three Chrome Extension research tools support international marketplaces (the United States and Europe Region) but currently ZonGuru is the only tool that supports the Australian marketplace as well. Though it is strategic to start at the largest Amazon marketplace, other countries may be more profitable due to the lower competition.

4. Assortment of Tools

All three research tools offer numerous features to help sellers thrive. The table below paints a better picture for you to determine the best fit for your Amazon business.

Besides product and keyword research features, there are some valuable tools that come in handy. For instance, Helium 10’s refund tool assists sellers in getting compensation from Amazon for lost inventory. ZonGuru and Helium’s hijack alert tools notify sellers when someone piggybacks off your product listings.

ZonGuru also has a supplier sourcing tool. It is the only tool on the market to be backed by Alibaba.com’s large supplier database, meaning users have access to reliable, experienced suppliers.This supplier sourcing tool is by far the best feature offered by any of the seller tools discussed here.

No matter where you are in your product research phase, ZonGuru has the most useful features.

Keywords On Fire

Keywords on Fire gives you access to the best keywords for optimizing your product listings to stay competitive and drive up sales.

Keywords on Fire provides important data points such as monthly search volume, revenue generated each month, and competitiveness within the marketplace. Knowing these allows you to decide which keywords to use for optimization, as there is a limited amount of keywords you can include in your backend. Read our blog post to learn more about optimizing your backend keywords in 2021.

Profitable Niche Finder

There are millions of products sold on Amazon, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed in your search for the perfect product niche to invest in, even for experienced sellers. Niche Finder, one of ZonGuru’s latest additions to its tool suite, unveils lesser known product opportunities you can take advantage of. Unique filters allow customers to leverage our product database and refine searches based on their own criteria.

Sourcing Suppliers

Finding the best supplier for your business is important for your success. You simply don’t have enough time to sift through massive supplier lists that may not even provide the specific information you need. ZonGuru developed EasySource to deal with this exact problem.

EasySource’s Chrome Extension integration gives you a curated list of reliable suppliers along with all the important information you need, straight from Alibaba.com. This is a powerful tool that can help sellers streamline their product sourcing phase.

Final Thoughts

All three Amazon seller tools are excellent in their own way, and investing in any one of them is definitely worth your money. That being said, ZonGuru is better than Jungle Scout and Helium 10 in terms of overall market value. ZonGuru is the most reasonably priced, gives you accurate sales and keyword estimates, and has the best assortment of supplementary tools. It is the all-in-one tool that sellers need to run a successful Amazon business.

Feel free to give Niche Finder and Easy Source a spin, free of charge thanks to our 7-day free trial and discover new opportunities and grow your Amazon business! As usual, feel free to reach out to our support team with any questions, and happy selling!

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